Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky "Sheep in the Pasture" (Otar of the Sheep)

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

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Aivazovsky is known to all as a marine painter. For him, the sea is something like the foundation of the universe. The creator grew up on the coast. Only he managed to convey all the power of this element, its unimaginable beauty and power. Looking at the sea paintings one can feel life, the rustle of waves, the sound of thunder. But the trace in the history of creativity is an artist of marine subjects. Often on his canvases there are also sheep. One of these canvases is "Sheep in the pasture."

The picture was painted in crimson-brown shades. One of the main places in the work is given to scarlet sunset. Hot sun rays illuminate everything with their beautiful light. Even the sheep lying in the field seem truly golden due to the sunset. Most of the canvas is assigned to the sky. The border of heaven and earth is not visible, everything is hidden behind the evening fog.

The sprawling tree, located in the middle of the clearing, seems almost black, above it, as if passing a border of shades of crimson blue-gray sky. In the foreground a shepherd is visible, he stands with his back to the whole herd. A little further away is another one.

Despite the fact that in the picture a special place is given to scarlet shades, it blows from her with incredible calm and pacification. You can look at the picture indefinitely, look for more and more new details. If you look closely, through the fog you can see the blue of the sea. This is such a soft border between the dark surface of the earth and the warm light of the sunset rays. Aivazovsky could not help but bring at least some of his favorite elements to this work.

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