Description of the bas-relief of Michelangelo Buanarrotti “The Battle of the Centaurs”

Description of the bas-relief of Michelangelo Buanarrotti “The Battle of the Centaurs”

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The sculptor made his bas-relief from a piece of Carrara marble. It was a donation to the school of San Marco Lorenzo the Magnificent.

It depicts a battle scene. If you look closely, you can see quite a boy who holds a stone in his hands. He is trying to throw him. Behind the youth's back is a figure of an old man, who is also with a stone in his hands. The fight is really fierce: no one sees neither the wounded nor the dead soldiers.

One centaur has already been defeated, and the crowd tramples his feet with particular fury. On the right side, the centaur is still trying to resist, but he was already saddled by a warrior. Below you can see the figure of a young man holding on to his broken head, his minutes are already numbered, the wound is too serious.

This bas-relief was made by the sculptor at the age of seventeen. Therefore, he had not yet seen a real battle, but still managed to show the cruelty of the battle. The composition clearly shows how to destroy people in a split second.

Michelangelo in his work applied the technique of high relief and various levels of marble processing. This bas-relief combines polished and unpolished stone. With the help of such successful combinations, the artist was able to breathe life into his creation. The “Battle of the Centaurs” conveys to the viewer a sense of heaviness and bulkiness of all figures of warriors.

Even the name itself has a certain meaning. By a small translation, it can be translated as a “tombstone”. She is basically similar to her. Also, the people depicted by the sculptor do not hold weapons in their hands, they are armed only with stones.

Therefore, the meaning of this work can be explained as the victory of a stone over flesh. The bas-relief itself shows that this is only a small group of people, and then the battle with the centaurs continues. And he has no end and edge.

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