Description of the traffic light monument in Novosibirsk

Description of the traffic light monument in Novosibirsk

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Such a pedestal was first built in our country in the central part of Novosibirsk. This composition consists of a traffic light, welcomed by a policeman. It was located near the twelfth school, which is considered the oldest. As early as the fortieth year, the first traffic lights in Novosibirsk began to be installed. It had three sections, it worked from electricity, but with a manual switch. By order of the administration, they were installed near educational institutions, taking care of the safety of students.

The official opening holiday was held on June 25, 2006, when the city's birthday was celebrated. And they dedicated this design to the seventieth anniversary of the establishment of the State Inspectorate for Safe Traffic.

The plot of the composition was created by the head of the traffic police department in the region, Colonel Sergei Shtelmakh and the head of Autoradio-Novosibirsk Viktor Bulankin.

The idea of ​​this design is that it is a symbol of relaying from the old style to the new modern system. When control is transferred to automation and guards are not required. The monument is made of life-size bronze. The guard stands silently and is surprised to consider the miracle technique.

The installation of the monument also has educational significance. After all, the issue of traffic violations is discussed in every region of the country. The local administration uses such monuments as a successful PR move. So that people of all ages do not forget about what a traffic light is for. Following Novosibirsk, such sculptures began to appear in other Russian regions. For example, a monument with a traffic light was installed in Perm.

Near the traffic light monument, guests and local people always gather. You can approach him, hold on to your hands, take a picture. Therefore, this composition in many causes only positive emotions.

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