Description of the sculpture of Miron "Athena and Marsyos"

Description of the sculpture of Miron

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Even from school, we know how ancient countries were rich in various myths and traditions. And now scientists are arguing very actively about what was true and what was fiction. Someone considers myths nothing more than fairy tales. That's why they are myths. Others, with love in their hearts, believe that it was so.

One of the plots that have come down from antiquity to our times was the plot with the goddess Athena and Marsyas. Its essence was that Athena once decided to play the flute. She decided to make a musical instrument from deer bone. But when the goddess began to play the flutes made, she was angry with her own image.

During the game, her face was not so beautiful, but looked clumsy. Then Athena got angry and threw the flutes, cursing them. But the tool was found by Marsyas. And he began to play on it. Marsy was sure that his game was magnificent, his pride was overwhelming.

And then Marsyos decided to call Apollo to compete with him. He made a stupid mistake too, because Apollo did not suffer a daring act and ordered to tear off the skin from Marcia.

Miron captured the figures of Athena and Marcia, but at the same time they realized recently that the sculpture was enlightened by this event. Previously, these two statues were considered independent, they are not comparable to each other. This is not surprising, because indeed, viewers see different sculptures that do not contact each other. The truth of the plot was spotted by chance. And the coin of Athens helped in this.

Also, the opinion was wrong about this sculpture and because when the statues were discovered, they were incorrectly reconstructed. Which caused an incorrect interpretation.

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