Description of the painting by Boris Kustodiev "Venice"

Description of the painting by Boris Kustodiev

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Boris Kustodiev is known to many as an artist of the life of the Russian people, its magnificent colorful festivities, generous fairs and rural life. But this is not the only successful path of the magnificent painter. Whenever possible, he traveled to Europe, rich in cultural centers. So, Kustodiev visited Italy several times, namely, beautiful Venice.

The result was several paintings dedicated to the architecture of this northern town, its spacious promenade and peaceful social life. This series of paintings was created in the style of realism, but at the same time, features of European impressionism are distantly guessed in it.

The painter made his first visit to fabulous Venice in 1907. In the same year, that first painting was dedicated to the Italian city, which struck the author with the unique proximity of residential buildings and a river reservoir.

The "Venice" of 1907 is a city landscape. The view is a view of the Grand Canal and a panorama of houses from the Palazzo Contarini. The waters of the Adriatic Sea within the city glow with an amazing delicate emerald color. On the opposite shore, a lone boatman in a canoe prepares to sail. Buildings on the coast conquer with diversity: they are all colorful and multi-storey.

The sky above the city is covered by a whitish cotton wool of clouds, occasionally exposing the blue space. The whole atmosphere of the canvas is bright, bright, cheerful.

During his stay in Italy, the artist often wrote to his homeland, to his wife. In enthusiastic letters, he regretted that he could not share the joy of contemplating the local beauties with her. By his own admission, he was very fond of a European city with picturesque architecture and a resort climate.

The later “Venice” of the Russian painter, created in 1913, is also interesting. The next picture is completely different - with fireworks in the night sky, but equally bewitching.

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