Description of the painting by Peter Rubens "Adoration of the Shepherds"

Description of the painting by Peter Rubens

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Rubens painting was the final sketch for the grandiose altar image. This creation is characterized by a special tonality of a reddish color. It is also worth noting the free texture of the workshop of the brush strokes of the painter.

One can feel the influence of Venice painting on Rubens. For later works of the artist, this manner was no longer characteristic.

Rubens creates his painting based on the famous Correggio masterpiece. The influence of the painter can be felt in the special dynamics and the special transfer of emotions of those images that Rubens creates. Also, the painter takes over the organization of the picture in the form of two tiers.

From above we see angels that carefree soar. Below are shepherds, as well as the Virgin Mary herself. She bent over the manger in which Christ was sleeping peacefully. Peasant types are incredibly peculiar. Special lighting. It seems Rubens deliberately snatches figures out of the darkness.

Rubens manages to create the most vivid images. He takes the gospel story. But at the same time, the heroes of his picture are as alive as possible. In this creation, brown tones prevail. The artist selects the central figures with the help of bright outfits. Blue, red and white as if the artist pulled out of the darkness specifically in order to create certain accents.

Each brush stroke is incredibly voluminous. His canvas is incredibly spiritualized. It is filled with a cheerful mood and a special perception of the world by the artist.

Rubens is a true master who managed to get away from the religiosity of the plot. I want to consider his canvas ad infinitum. Every detail is important here.

With her help, the artist creates a special flavor. The viewer feels the particular joy of the artist. He witnesses an incredibly touching scene, he wants to share his feelings with all of us.

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