Description of Grant Wood's painting "American Gothic"

Description of Grant Wood's painting

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Wood depicts a farmer and his daughter in the background of their rather simple house. The building was built in the typical style of the artist’s style of the carpentry Gothic style. We see the farmer clenching his pitchfork tightly. It seems that this is not a tool for work, but a special type of weapon.

The artist conveys the complete unattractiveness of this farmer. His lips are tightly compressed. His hair is tightly tied, his head is slightly turned. One can read a very deep resentment and genuine indignation in the eyes.

On our daughter we see an apron that was already old-fashioned in those days. Her face expresses determination, her lips are compressed, a challenge is read in her eyes. She fully supports her father.

On farm clothes, you can see seams that completely resemble the outlines of the forks clenched in his hands. The same contours are repeated in the windows of his house.

The composition of this canvas was created in the style of American photography of the 19th century (its very end). The characters are as restrained as real Puritans. It was at this time that the artist became acquainted with the advanced trend of “New Materiality”.

Why did the painter write this painting? Once he saw a small, seemingly unremarkable house. But he completely attracted the attention of the artist. Voodoo wanted to portray this building and fantasize a bit, imagining who could live in it.

The model for the farmer’s daughter was the artist’s sister. The artist wrote the people and the house completely separately. The scene depicted in this picture actually never existed.

The artist explained to his contemporaries that he wanted to create a collective portrait of all Americans of that time. Critics were fully confident that the canvas became an important part of the most critical image of rural America at that time.

Later this creation was associated with the unshakable spirit of the country's pioneers.

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