Description of the painting by Alexei Stepanov "Elk"

Description of the painting by Alexei Stepanov

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Stepanov loved the shades of brown and gray and often used them in his paintings. We see one of the gloomy days of winter.

Grey sky. It practically merges with this magnificent snow, which carefully covered the ground. A certain border becomes only a forest. The artist depicts a haystack, which is covered with snow from above, like some kind of fluffy hat. Moose came here. Two of them are adults, and the other two are still moose.

One animal impresses with the beauty of its wide horns. The elk is staring hard somewhere. It seems that he is trying to hear the slightest rustle. The artist masterfully prescribes the coarse short hair of these animals. The heads are large, and the muzzle is slightly elongated.

Winter is a difficult time for all moose. They are not afraid of the cold. But hunger is really a real threat. You constantly have to migrate to find at least some food.

We understand that moose came here by chance. The artist managed to capture just this amazing moment. The canvas evokes a certain sadness. We want to somehow help these gigantic animals so that they can survive the cold. Moose in a special way touching.

The canvas impresses with the magnificent poetry of a fading day. The viewer can see a quiet frosty day at the very beginning of winter. The artist portrays moose with special love. Stepanov managed to convey the true beauty of Russian nature. He skillfully applies strokes with his wide brush. The play of light and shadow is impressive.

With all the uniformity of colors, a feeling of monochrome is not created. The artist’s creation is truly vibrant. It seems like another moment, and we will hear a crunch of snow and feel gusts of a cold winter wind.

The artist lovingly depicts all the details. One should only pay attention to the gracefulness of elk poses, small tracks in the snow, dull branches of trees. There is nothing superfluous. In everything, the hand of a real master is felt, who managed to convey the charm of his native nature.

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