Description of the painting by Pablo Picasso “Portrait of Olga in the Chair”

Description of the painting by Pablo Picasso “Portrait of Olga in the Chair”

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The painting was painted in 1917. During this period of his work, the artist returned to the classical technique of portraiture. The painting depicts the wife of P. Picasso Olga Khokhlova. At that time, the artist felt peaceful, he became a father. Critics condemned the painter for his excessive realism and betrayal of his style. Although the same people had previously criticized Picasso for his cubism. Such a change of style is characterized by the spiritual harmony of the artist, although there is a certain similarity and limitation of the creative flight.

Olga sits in a chair relaxed, her gaze focused. There is longing in the gaze, even a certain submission. Her hand thrown over the back of the chair shows fatigue, perhaps she was tired of long posing. Favorably shades both a figure and skin color a dark background. According to contemporaries, Olga Khokhlova was not an attractive woman.

Successful among women P. Picasso surprised everyone with his choice. Their marriage lasted more than ten years. For Olga, with the end of marriage, the end of her life came. The picture also breathes fatigue and tragedy. A loose posture and pursed lips talk about the tension of a woman. In the modern sense of beauty, P. Picasso’s wife cannot be called a ugly woman. The woman’s clothes convey the fashion of the time and demonstrate the beauty of the Parisian style. It was during this period that the couple lived in Paris.

Despite criticism from others, Olga Khokhlova remained a muse for P. Picasso. This is evidenced by her portrait. The artist portrayed his wife as a beautiful and modern woman of her time. He always said that reflects reality exactly as he feels at the moment. Apparently, during the period of family life, the feeling of the reality of the great master was like the attitude of an ordinary person. It was in this that the artist was so often reproached.

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