Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “Portrait of Konstantin Korovin”

Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “Portrait of Konstantin Korovin”

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V. Serov is an outstanding portrait painter with a unique technique. His works are recognizable and convey not only the external characteristics of the heroes, but also their rich inner world.

The artist was able to catch a character trait and skillfully transfer it to the canvas. The portrait of K. Korovin is written in the standard technique for Serov, large careless brush strokes make the image a little rough, as if written in haste.

K. Korovin was a friend of the artist, they were inseparable. Different characters and manners did not interfere with their communication. Serov was always collected, at the same time Korovin scattered, unkempt appearance.

In the picture you can see his unkempt hair. Recklessness and negligence are successfully conveyed by the artist. It’s hard to call Korovin a diplomat or a bank employee; he is an uniquely creative person. His free posture indicates a lack of desire to comply with decency and etiquette. He feels at home, relaxed.

Studies are on the table, but even if they are absent, one can guess the profession of this person. Korovin did not like to hesitate, he did everything quickly and in a hurry. So he painted his paintings. Serov, in turn, worked on the canvases for a long time, constantly refining them to perfection.

The artist finished the portrait of Korovin quickly; he thus decided to convey the character and fluency of his friend. Wide brush strokes make small details fuzzy. This technique allows you to plunge into the atmosphere that prevails when creating a picture.

In the foreground Korovin, the whole entourage is rather blurred, if it is impossible to recognize the details, you can come up with them yourself. Serov managed to convey the view of Korovin. He watches with a mockery, with his lips tightly pressed, but his eyes are smiling. Korovin in his life was a jovial and joker and his portrait reflects his cheerful disposition and attitude to life in general.

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