Description of the painting by Vasily Perov “Portrait of Ostrovsky”

Description of the painting by Vasily Perov “Portrait of Ostrovsky”

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“Portrait of the writer A.N. Ostrovsky ”, written in 1871, is considered the most successful and realistic portrait of Alexander Nikolayevich Ostrovsky. Perov always managed to feel the subtle spiritual nature of man and portray him in the best way.

V.G. Perov portrayed Ostrovsky sitting on a chair. The background of the picture is an ordinary brown wall. Alexander Ostrovsky himself sits in a housecoat. Insulated fur on the sleeves and collar. Such details make it clear that Ostrovsky is at home.

Vasily G. Perov paid great attention to the face and eyes. After all, he believed that only the eyes can convey the mood and feelings of a person. Ostrovsky's eyes in a portrait of light blue. Light falls on them, and they seem to glow. From the look you can understand that Ostrovsky is a complex person. On the one hand, he is a soft and fluffy man, but, on the other hand, there is some kind of strength and power in his eyes.

The writer’s hair and beard are reddish. Only gray strands are visible on the head. The whole picture is done in warm colors. From light red to dark brown. A bright spot in the picture, of course, is Alexander Nikolayevich himself, on whose face the light falls on the left side. His "home coat" almost merges with the background of the picture, only the fur on the sleeves and collar is clearly visible. And Ostrovsky’s pose itself reaches for the light.

The playwright leaned forward a little, so that light fell on his face and hands. It seems as if the character froze for a second, and now he will get up and make a loud speech or read another creation.

The painting has a size of 105 cm by 80 cm, painted in oil. “Portrait of the writer A.N. Ostrovsky ”is the State Tretyakov Gallery. And interestingly, Tretyakov specifically requested that such a painting be written by Vasily Perov.

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