Description of Raphael Santi's painting “Three Graces”

Description of Raphael Santi's painting “Three Graces”

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“Three Graces” - a picture of Raphael, which depicts Innocence, Beauty and Love, as they seemed to the artist.

All the girls are very young, everyone has a similar color hair, dressed so as not to look neat. Holding on to each other - because perfect love is always beautiful and innocent, ideal beauty is always innocent and knows how to love, perfect innocence is always beautiful and evokes love - they stand in the background of a certain river, on hard ground, from which only in some places stunted bushes make their way . If you look closely, you can see the bones of some animal - perhaps this is a hint that perfection kills?

In the hands of the girls are perfect golden spheres, which may be a hint of the Hesperides apples that Hercules extracted with his eleventh feat. Subsequently, the windy Paris decided which of the Greek goddesses to hand them: Hera, Aphrodite or Athena. But not one of them was as worthy as Love, Innocence and beauty.

Against the backdrop of the landscape, the girls seem clean as snow, attracting the eye. Despite the fact that the modern standard of beauty differs from their forms and in the view of a modern person they can be ugly, no one will dispute that their faces are full of inner light, that they produce a surprisingly touching and pleasant impression, and their nakedness does not cause judgment , no discomfort, no awkwardness.

It is natural - why put on perfection and require it to follow human standards?

In the middle of the great “nowhere” three girls with soft and smooth features, play with golden balls and gently smile at each other, embodying immortal, eternal and praised things regardless of age.

Love exalts.

Beauty is attractive.

Innocence cleanses the soul and requires inner conformity - it cannot be touched with dirty hands, because then the Atlanteans will drop the sky on the earth, which they have been holding for many thousands of years.

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